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2010 WHALE Marchers - News Journal Article

Promotional Information

The WHALE Holiday Marching band performs every Dec 24th to festively promote:

    1. The spirit of the holiday season

    2. A gift (non-profit event) presented each year by historical members of the band Whale to its fans. We are not paid by the malls for our efforts.

    3. Area musicians who join the holiday marching band each year. The marchers include past and present members of the local band Whale, several students from the U of D, Concord, Brandywine, Glasgow, Newark, and other high schools.

    4. Whale, who have had several reunions, donating all profits to the American Diabetes Association, MDA, and other charitable foundations ($2500 donated from our 2010 reunion).

    5. The annual marching described on this web site.

      In 2001 we created our first featured parody song for the radio, entitled
      Fruit(Cake) White Beard Red Jacket (4.28MB MP3)
      with our humble nog, (‘er, nod) going to Cake – "Short Skirt Long Jacket". It received airplay at WVUD, WYSP, and 98 Rock in Baltimore. It is still a heavily requested holiday tune on WXPN each year.

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