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Once a year, like another fellow we know, a band of merry rock musicians (with wives, kids, grandparents, friends, high school and college "ringers") don horns, reeds, flutes, drums, and marching guitars to bombard their way through the Christiana mall blasting out holiday carols. The WHALE Holiday Marching Band has been reuniting this way spreading holiday cheer every year at the Christiana mall since its inception. The band plays traveling music, standard carols, drum cadences, and special “parody tunes of the year”, as they work their way down corridors, up escalators, and around the store owners and crowds. This event is loud, fun, and free to the public, as our thanks to all the fans.

The horn section of a 1970’s college 10 piece band called "Whale" decided to stroll through Concord mall one year, playing a few carols. Drums were added next year, marching tunes the next, cadences, another mall, parody songs, banners, etc., until the band achieved its present state of about 50 musicians, granddads pulling kids in wagons, Santa costumes, noisemakers, and crazy antics. The event is free, and is not sponsored by the malls for charity or marketing, but as a reunion for the band members as well as great way to spread holiday cheer among the many storeowners and last-minute shoppers.

Ken Rosenberg, the band coordinator, writes a few “parody tunes of the year”. Hits from the past have included:

    1. Bullet"Sledding up that Hill" by Kate “Skate” Bush

    2. Bullet"It’s about Yam Time" by Lizzo

    3. Bullet"No Christmas Supper for You" by the Jonas “Snowness” Brothers

    4. Bullet"Shape of Yule" by Ed Sheeran

    5. Bullet"Marchin’ Santa Style" by PSanta

    6. Bullet"Rudolph Has It" by Adele Noel

    7. Bullet"Hoof Beat It", by Michael Jackson

    8. Bullet"Sled Hammer" by Peter Gabriel

    9. Bullet"Smells like Christmas Spirit" by Nirvana

    10. Bullet"Who Let the Deer Out" by the Baha Ho Ho Ho Men

    11. Bullet"I’m the Slim Santa" by Eminem

    12. Bullet"Cranberries, Turkey, and Gravy Right Now" by Beyonce ("Beyon-sleigh")

On Dec 24th come hear our songs of the year!

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