Killer Whale - "beached" after nearly 8 years

After playing in Whale since 1984, and continuing as the Killer Whale 3-piece trio since 1999, we have found it increasingly difficult to find places to perform that we like where we can still attract enough business to satisfy the club owners. As a result, this venture of ours has become less rewarding than it used to be, given the effort we make to rehearse, load gear, play with our hearts and souls, and tear the gear back down again....all increasingly more difficult to do as the years add up.

Killer Whale was initially formed to perform tunes more challenging than the typical "jukebox dance standards" heard nearly everywhere. While this initial effort pleased numerous venues for a few years, owners began to insist on hearing the traditional dance standards in order to appease their clientele. We complied and re-incorporated many of these into our set lists (as well as hits from recent artists to please the younger audiences), but it apparently wasn't enough to bring in ample business. For these reasons, we regretfully have decided to dissolve Killer Whale.

There are some folks who deserve a special note of gratitude. Specifically, Nelson Kaczmarczyk who duplicated numerous copies of our very first "Killer Whale" CD, and Roger Scorziello who mixed numerous gigs and recorded our "Killer Whale - Live 2001" CD. But most importantly we'd like to thank Al Miller who donated countless hours of his time in his studio as we digitally recorded and mastered our first CD in 2000, and subsequent ones in 2004 and 2005. These projects were awesome experiences of a lifetime.

Last but not least is our friend and soundman Rick Reader who mixed for us time and time again. His repeated efforts and "contribution to the cause" allowed us to play a variety of venues, indoors and out. Thanks Rick!

Over the past 8 years, many people have ventured out to support us. We wish to sincerely thank you for that support, it's been a great ride.